The L Word Contests.

An icon-challenge community for The L Word.

The L Word Contests
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Welcome to lword_contests, a icontest community dedicated to the hit Showtime program "The L Word".

This community was founded by tabsy and is currently run by your moderator and banner maker bluucircles


+ You must be a member to participate and to vote
+ Your icon must be either from the show or any other source material (photoshoots, magazine spreads, etc.) that showcase the actresses
+ You are allowed up to two icons per challenge unless otherwise indicated
+ Your icon must meet normal LJ standards (No bigger than 100x100, 40kb max, JPG, GIF, PNG formats)
+ Icons must be freshly made and not displayed anywhere else until the contest is over


+ New contests will be posted on Wednesdays. Entries will be accepted until the following Monday at 8pm EST. Voting will begin soon after, and go through until Wednesday. Winners will be posted with the new contest. Note that your mod does have a life, so these days may vary. ;-)
+ Submit your icon to the appropriate post in the following format:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
URL : http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y77/odangoatama86/icons/4489666.png

+ If your icon does not meet all rules and submission guidelines, it will be disqualified

Any questions? Want to submit pictures or ideas for contests? Contact your mod, bluucircles shuuchan@hotmail.com


+ As stated, voting will go up either late Monday night or Tuesday afternoon and will end Wednesday evening.
+ Vote for favorite three icons. Depending on how many icons we get each week, there may be a special category for that week's theme. I will also pick a mod choice each week as well
+ You are not allowed to vote for your own icon
+ Do not advertise your icon or get your friends to vote for your icon

Interested in being a banner maker? Comment on the latest entry with an example of your work!





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